Peanut Blue and roller skates

That's Me.

Just rollerskating on the deck of my peanut blue house. 

Peanut blue is the color we painted my childhood home in the early '90s. You can search the websites of Sherwin Williams and Behr, but you won't find it there. They didn't name the color, I did. It was the way my seven-year-old brain interpreted a shade of blue that looked like cornflower blue blended with what we would refer to today as "greige."

It was the ubiquitous home décor color of the decade. Maybe you had peanut blue, duck print wallpaper border in your bathroom or kitchen. Maybe your parents went with this bold choice for the carpet in their bedroom, and with the full mirror sliding closet doors, the peanut blue went on forever. 

I see this color from time to time and will comment to an uninformed companion, "Look, it's Peanut Blue." For me, peanut blue is as '90s as hammer pants, butterfly clips, and AOL.